Canine Bladder Enlargement Problems and Prevention

Published: 08th January 2010
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When was the last time you thought about your pet's bladder health? Canine bladder enlargement is not something you think about every time your dog has inconsistent trips to do his business. But canine bladder enlargement and urinary track infections can be rather common, especially in female dogs.

"Cystitis," is the term used by veterinarians when generally referring to an inflammation of the urinary bladder. This can include diseases that cause an inflammation to the urinary bladder.

One of the tell tale signs of this condition is when there's blood in your dog's urine. In addition, many dogs have discomfort when urinating. Typically, they will spend several minutes passing only a small amount of urine. In addition, they may urinate more frequently than usual or even suffering from leaking.

When a canine enlarged bladder causes such problems, you know it's time to take action fast. But before your loving pet even gets to this stage, you can prevent such life threatening situations from even occurring.

Some say the best medicine is preventative for canine bladder enlargement. If you really want to protect your pet from getting such infections, you can seek out natural remedies or change your pet's diet to one formulated for urinary health. However many owners wait until it's too late to do anything other than treat a bladder problem with a visit to the veterinary hospital.

Did you know such an emergency visit might have your dog dealing with an entire barrage of tests and medications? First, they could be subject to painful blood tests to check for any signs of kidney damage. Then, plain and/or dye X-rays and ultrasound tests may be performed to get images of the urinary tract. And finally, strong antibiotics might be prescribed to clear up the infection. In some cases, dogs have to take the medications again and again due to reoccurring problems. Sadly, this can cause liver damage to some canines.

Instead of having to go through such drastic measures, you can prevent canine bladder enlargement with safe herbal treatments. A good natural uti treatment can help treat a dog's incontinence.

You see, pets with a partial blockage of the urethra, from a stone or a tumor, typically have problems controlling urination. It cannot empty its bladder completely because something is blocking the path to the outside. The bladder may get so large that the pressure from the urine actually forces it to leak around the blockage. It's hard to think about such things, but there is hope.

A naturally made tonic contained in an herbal solution will adjust your dog's system to handle such incontinence and correct it. You might not be able to fix a canine enlarged bladder, but you could help your dog live through such an infection. Better yet, take steps to prevent such a condition by helping your dog foster a healthy system due taking a natural product.

If you are interested in more information on natural health remedies then we suggest you visit this site on canine bladder enlargement. The author, Jeff Grill, is passionate about dogs and has written hundreds of articles on canine health problems.

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