What to Do When You See Blood in Your Cat's Urine

Published: 08th January 2010
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Is there blood in your cat's urine? If so, there is no need to fret.Most likely the problem is caused by something minor that can be easily treated. No matter what you think might be the problem underlying blood in cat urine you need to take your cat to the vet.

Some possible causes of this problem include crystals and stones, a bacterial infection, a tumor, and ingestion of a toxic chemical. Crystals and stones are commonly an issue for male cats because their urethras are long and narrow.

Cat urine with blood is most commonly treated with antibiotics since the most common cause of the problem is bacterial infection. The problem with antibiotics is that they are known to cause a host of unwanted side effects.

Blood in cat urine, as long as it's not caused by a terminal illness, is best to get rid of with natural treatment. Natural treatments that are helpful include increasing water intake (filtered water, not tap water), feeding your cat a healthy diet, and giving your cat a homeopathic remedy.

Remember that no matter what you need to get your cat checked out with a vet first in order to rule out any serious illnesses or injuries that need immediate treatment. Otherwise, the situation may become fatal. If a mild urinary infection or stones turn out to be the cause, natural treatment is your best option.

Natural treatment is a good idea because it causes no side effects, it helps your cat achieve permanent recovery, and it prevents future recurrence of the problem. Conventional treatments aim at suppressing symptoms fast but they tend to return because the underlying imbalances are not fixed.

Cat urine with blood will probably take a little longer to go away with natural treatment but the results will be permanent. So after the problem is diagnosed, give your cat a homeopathic remedy, up his water intake, and feed him only natural, unprocessed, and/or raw food.

When you give your cat a homeopathic remedy that contains urinary tonics like uva ursi and cantharis, his bladder and urinary tract get stronger. Furthermore, the flow of his urine improves and blockages become less of a possibility. You will notice that blood in cat urine will become a thing of the past with even just a few days of treatment. For full protection however, regular administration is necessary. So instead of rushing to find a quick fix for a problem like blood in cat urine, why not experiment with natural remedies? They are affordable, all natural, and totally safe.You can give your cat a homeopathic remedy every single day without worry of it causing side effects.

Get out there and find a homeopathic remedy for your cat. It will help him maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract and you won't ever see blood in his urine again.

Jeff Grill is the editor of the Cat Health Guide. See this site more more information on cat urine with blood.

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